About Us

Michael Sorenson's Humble Pride Glass is a vision I've held since I began learning to blow borosilicate glass in Eugene, Oregon nearly two decades ago. The mission is to build a collective of independent glass artists to come together as a community for the purpose of offering high quality glass art directly to individuals. As a way to bring back the connection between the artist and the patron, and to boost awareness of the American glass pipe artist movement for the general pipe-buying population.

As a glass artist who has experienced this revolutionary art industry from its roots, I have spent the last 17 years designing and producing quality glass pipes and other glass arts which had been sold by large distributors to Smoke Shops around the world. When I began selling my glass on Etsy in 2011, I experienced a new level of joy in my art by being able to directly interact with the very individuals who would own and cherish my little works of loving art. I really enjoy getting direct feedback, helping each customer adjust the design when possible to meet their greatest satisfaction, and the feeling I get as I hand pack and label packages for shipment- imagining the experience of that specific person out there in the world opening that box with delight. So, while I still encourage people to support their local head-shops that stock American-made glass pipes first and foremost (and offer wholesale accounts!) I am pleased to continue offering my direct-from-artist personal blower services here, as well as my famous high quality customer service standards.

It is my goal, here, to incorporate and showcase the art of other local glass artists, as my true vision for Humble Pride Glass will be a Lion Pride of Humble home glass artists who I have worked alongside with for many years in this journey of artistic trial, discovery and degenerate determination.

As most items sold here are offered Made-to-order by the artist, you can know that your purchase is special, because it was made just for you.

To learn more about the artists, please see the Artists Introduction.