Deluxe Candy Red Apple  glass pipe with sparkles - smoking bowl pipe. This beautiful, bright, shiny red apple glass pipe features a mild glittery shimmer, a sparkly formed green leaf and black stem. This piece looks AMAZING in the sun, with the crisp candy red and the faint hint of sparkle matched with the brilliant, luxurious sparkle green formed leaf decoration. Well shaped, this apple is designed to look like the classic, idealized "apple shape" reminiscent of Back-to-school, fall harvest, Snow White imagery. This item differs from my Red Delicious Apple in shaping, color and design, whereas that one is more "realistic" to my mind, this one is more fantastic and idealized. Pipe measures about 3 inches long.

Items are handmade-to-order, production may take up to 14 days before shipment  (average processing time is 5-7 days).  I do offer processing upgrades for those who want their order placed into a guaranteed priority position in my scheduling. When adding an item to the cart, you will be given the opportunity to select one of these Upgrades, or order with general processing.

You can read more about the Priority Processing options, and their Guarantee plans,  HERE

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Deluxe Candy Red Apple Pipe with Sparkles Smoking Bowl

  • $45.00

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